What we do

Maintenance and repairs

Our team of professional contractors are available to respond immediately when you require an emergency repair.

Property refurbishment

Whether a single room, a house or a commercial property, the thought can seem daunting, but we are here to help. We can guide you through the refurbishment of your property step by step.

Property relocation

We work closely with businesses and private clients to create a flexible, tailored relocation services for London.

Planned preventative maintenance

Maintaining a facility is much more complex and time-consuming than simply checking that the light bulbs are screwed in properly. Identifying all the areas where a facility could develop show-stopping problems down the line, whilst also running your business effectively, can be both a distraction and an uphill struggle.

Employing Arkle Property Services to provide a planned preventative maintanence schedule will deliver a proven and cost-effective way to solve all of the issues above, whilst leaving you hands-free to concentrate on your job and the reasons you go to work every day.